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Forming part of the Simy's Studio Premier Yarn Collection, Truth offers 15 variegated colourways, each hand-dyed and unique in their own right. Made of 100% Superwash Merino wool, this gorgeous range ensures luxurious softness and ease of care, with all skeins available in a light DK and a sock weight. Every shade is thoughtfully named after a well-known proverb, adding to this range's mindful and artistic tone.

Information about this yarn

Caring for your yarn

Where possible, alternate skeins every two rows to avoid colour pooling and blend old and new skeins for 1 or 2 cm before changing skein.

To get the best out of your yarn, treat these hand-dyed, high quality natural fibres gently. Merino may be less hardwearing than synthetic blends, especially for items worn often, such as socks, but has the advantage of requiring less frequent washing. Use a pH-neutral mild detergent and turn inside out to help prevent wear.

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Yarn in action

Patterns using TRUTH

Whitecaps Wrap

Whitecaps Wrap

By Yiğitcan Vatansever

€ 4.95

Through the intricate movements of the brioche technique, this rectangular wrap becomes a fluid…

Sowing Seeds Socks

Sowing Seeds Socks

By Lynne Rowe

€ 2.95

In a world often bustling with noise, these uplifting socks invite you to step out of the daily…

Aspin Hat

Aspin Hat

By Liudmyla Hefny

€ 0.00

The short-row variations and textures of the hat are highlighted in changing shades, echoing the…

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