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Welcome to Simy’s Studio!

Placed on 27 September 2023

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Opening our doors to you!

We’ve been having a tidy up of the studio, making sure it all looks spick and span in order to open our doors and welcome you in, and we are proud to say ‘the doors are officially open!’

It’s just a short little journal entry from us today, but why not pop the kettle on, pour yourself a nice cup of tea and take a wander around of our creative space.

We have lots to see, from our gorgeous patterns, featuring some fantastic designers and our exciting Premier Yarn collection, something that we are extremely proud of!

We’ll have lots more content coming in the near future, but for now visit our pages and get acquainted with the studio, we are so happy you are here!

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At Simy’s Studio, you’ll find deep-rooted love for all forms of arts and hand crafts, fostered by a team dedicated to living a life fuelled by our most colourful ideas.
As you browse our website pages, we hope you’ll be encouraged by our enthusiasm, delighted by our products and embraced by a sense of community. This is a space for those drawn to the creative side of life, a space we hope will bring you boundless inspiration – from our studio to yours!

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